Too much magic, too little time

Hello again all witches out there!

I have started my journey to discover real magic and believe me it hasn’t been easy. Last Sunday I wrote my first post and after that I have done some research. There’s so many different tips of how to start learning magic. Too much information and so much wrong information. (At one point I was accidentally reading role play website… ups!)

How to start when learning magic?

The best tip for learning magic I found was just to go with the flow. Start googling, searching and trying everything while keeping diary (book of shadows) of things you learn, feel are right for you or don’t understand. That’s where this blog comes in the picture. My book of shadows. To make this blog work as a guide for myself and others it has to include some more informative posts… Not just me rambling about everything.

Maybe I’m even hoping that other people can follow my journey and learn magic alongside of me through this blog and these writings. Who knows where it will end! Either I may become one of the most powerful witches of our time or come to the conclusion that magic isn’t even real. I can’t see to the future even if reading tarot cards is one of my special skills.

Where to start learning magic?

I’m totally a basic witch and so Wikipedia was my first stop as a new learner of magic. Isn’t that where everything starts nowadays? I even found a few witch-themed Wikipedias that gave me a good start to learn about different terminology, types of witches and whatever.

Googling about witch stuff is surprisingly complicated. Most times I felt like the results weren’t the most reliable ones. You can’t just go and Google “how to be a witch?” Won’t work out like you wanted. Finding information means diving in to article after article and googling about more specific things. And that’s how I found my way to witchcraft forums. Definitely the best thing I have done!

What next?

Now I will just continue doing my research even if it feels like there’s literally too much information. Modern witches, Wicca, paganism, witchcraft history, religions… How can I find time to research all that? One forum post I read said that it’s the best just do a little research everyday. Start from things that seem to attract you. Then keep writing things up to your book of shadows and most importantly don’t give up. Being a witch is a skill and skills take about 10 000 hours to perfect. Nothing will happen overnight!


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