I could never be a green witch

All my friends know that there’s two things that I should never be allowed to do: cooking and growing plants. Both will end in catastrophe when I’m included.

I have made things burn inside oven more than trice. And I mean burn with flames. Every plant that gets even near me tends to die in a week or two. And let’s not even mention me trying gardening. I’m catastrophic person – that’s how it has always been – but cooking and taking care of plants seem to take my nature on totally new level.

Cooking is its own chapter but today we’re going to talk about plants. Witches love green fresh plants that can help them with all kinds of problems, right? Green witches are those women and men who practice magic using their love for plants.

I could never be a green witch.

Or so anyone who knows me would say.

The problem is that I love plants despite my almost magical ability to make them wither. It doesn’t matter if I follow all the rules of where to place the plant, how much to water it or what nutrients use. Plants I own die.

But not all is black and white.

To my and everyone else’s surprise there’s this one bamboo plant from Ikea that has survived now in my care for almost an year. It must be some kind of super plant. And it’s not even that it’s surviving but it’s literally growing unnaturally fast. My gardening skills are either nonexistent or excellent. Of course there’s no in between when it’s about me…

Despite that one win people would never call me nature person. In addition to my poor gardening skills, I also lack everything one would need to be seen as fitting for hiking, living in forests or fitting in with the other nature people. I can’t make fire, don’t know daisy from rose and get scared of huge animals. My family is from city. Everything in me screams city girl.

So, why am I talking about this in my book of shadows?

I can’t take care of plants, good enough reason for me not to be green witch, that’s it.

If it just was that easy.

I may not be green witch material. I suck at growing plants and would die if left alone to forest for more than a few hours. And still something in these green living things is calling for me. Despite my bad gardening skills I have kept trying to understand how to take care of plants properly. All my life I have been buying new plants just to maybe this time succeed and taking care of them.

Maybe this is the start of my path as a green witch?


2 thoughts on “I could never be a green witch

  1. I always give lucky bamboo to people as a house warming gift. You can put it in water and just keep topping that bad boy up. Super hard to kill.
    If you feel you have a connection with nature thats enough to be a Green Witch I feel. I see it as a way of life and thinking in this modern day world.

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    1. For the first time ever I have been able to grow bamboo in my home. Every time before when I have gotten one it has been dead in month. But maybe connection with nature is enough even if my skills with plants isn’t great. Thanks for the tip btw! I will start giving lucky bamboos for people as house warming gifts too 🙂


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