Should I learn about the history of witchcraft?

Magic and witchcraft have a long history that isn’t often spoken about. I remember mention of Wicca and Finnish ancient nature religions in school but we never really took closer look to them. Maybe parents would go crazy if they taught kids about magic and witches in school?

But should beginner witch dive into the long and complicated history of witchcraft?

In my opinion, definitely yes! History of witchcraft will teach you so much more than just about the things that have happened to the culture of magic. History includes info of rituals, practices, and beliefs that you can merge to the modern magic. For example I’m super interested of traditional Finnish magic because it would be something my ancestry knew. For you it would be either your local history of magic or something totally different.

If the ways of ancient Egyptians or Shamans wake your interest, it may be worth of looking more into.

I’m believer of coincidences meaning something. And that’s why I decided to start my journey to the history of witchcraft by reading Christopher Dell’s The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic. I have no idea if this is the right history book to go for but it presented itself for me so many times that I had no choice in this matter.

I’m not kidding. After starting this blog and my journey to magic this exact book has been appearing for me everywhere. In my local bookstores, on my trip to Germany, YouTube reviews and lastly in library when I had just about 2 minutes to find something to read for Christmas break. The Occult, Witchcraft & Magic is waiting for me on my nightstand.

My start in the world of magic hasn’t been easy but jumping on the history lesson may be good way to find my roots for this journey. Right?


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