New Year’s Magic

New year, new me, right?

I started my new year 2019 alone being a little bit sick but still hopeful for the coming year. 2018 totally sucked for me. From outsiders point of view it may have seemed like a dream come true. I traveled for months all around the world. I wrote, wrote and wrote. I could spend every day doing whatever I wanted.

And still it was mentally one of the worst years of my life.

That’s the reason why I decided to start this new year asking for something better and maybe using magic on my advance. I haven’t yet learned a lot about rituals or performing spells but who cares? I decided to make my own rules just for this one time!

Water is purifying in magic. That’s something I know. Unfortunately, my home doesn’t have bath and so it meant just taking a shower. For all my fellow beginner witches, don’t let that tame you!

Taking a shower surrounded by scented candles and darkness felt magical. I could feel all my worries just leaving my body. New life was waiting for me.

I used for my ritual

  • dried mint
  • white vanilla candles
  • tea cup
  • page from an old book
  • green marker

The goal of my ritual was to ask for good luck, strength, motivation, and happiness for the year 2019.

Why I picked these things to use in the ritual?

Mint is associated with strength, luck and travel.

Vanilla is sometimes used to find inner peace and comfort.

White candles drive away bad energy but also bring purity and peace.

Tea cup I needed for burning a page from a book. For me tea cup reflects peaceful life full of happiness.

Page from an old book I picked to write my wishes on it. Page from book felt like an good idea because I’m aspiring writer.

Green as color means growth and hope.

How I did the ritual? 

  1. I started my ritual by drawing a circle with the dried mint.
  2. Next I lighted four white vanilla candles inside the circle.
  3. I put the page of book inside my circle.
  4. For a moment I just listened the wind and quietness around me. Then I wrote the page full of my wishes and hopes (year full of happiness, dreams coming true, and getting better). Lastly I signed the page with my name.
  5. Then I put the tea cup on the page inside my circle.
  6. Asking for help from some magical bigger powers I took the page under the cup, light it on fire in one of the candles, and put it inside the tea cup (for safety reasons!)
  7. Then I watched my wishes burning up and maybe changing to reality.

What are my thoughts afterwards?

I’m not still sure how much I believe in magic and how much not. But after doing this ritual I felt so free. Like all my worries had been taken away! This year is going to be my year. This year is going to be the year I finally give everything I have for my dreams. And just maybe this year will also be the most magical year of my life. Happy New Year everyone out there!


3 thoughts on “New Year’s Magic

    1. Whatever it “really” works or not at least it made me feel better and that’s really all that matters in the end 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


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