witch reading

My path to magic starts

Magic. The mystic force some of us believe, some don’t. Witches, Wiccas, and other magical beings. Are they real? Do they exist? What is magic all about?

This blog will be my magical book of shadows. Aka the diary of learning magic and taking my first steps to the world of witchcraft. I can’t say confidently that I believe in magic but I believe in intuition, destiny, maybe in love and aren’t those almost the same thing?

If I don’t know do I or do I not believe in magic why would I want to learn about it? There’s many reasons for this. The main one being that I’m a writer. Count this as research or whatever but someday in the future I would like to write a novel with realistic witch in it. The second reason is simply my interest of anything paranormal and unnatural. Magic keeps pulling me towards it so here I am.

If magic is real, it’s definitely in my veins. My intuition has always been higher than on average person. I love reading tarot cards and even my friends come to me for predictions when they need help. I’m magical but I don’t know do I believe in real magic…

This blog will be full of my research and experiences. Basically you can divide Magical Book of Shadows to two parts: my magic diary (about things I learn, experience and am interested in) and informative articles about magic (tips, tricks and lists).

You’re welcome to take part in my trip to the magical life style of witchcraft!