Witch reading tea leaves

Can’t read tea leaves

Drinking tea in my underwear surrounded by candles.

I have always found reading the fortune from tea leaves interesting. I remember being about fourteen when I first time told someone I could tell their future from tea. We made tea normally and then broke the tea bag in the mug. I had no idea what I was doing. The images my broken tea bag made didn’t make sense. Just blag powder in the bottom of my friend’s tea cup.

Today I went to Christmas shopping and by accident saw this lonely tea cup standing in the discount self. Small white tea cup and plate for it. The memory of me trying to read tea leaves years ago came back to me. I didn’t buy the cup. Or well not right then. I carried all my bags back to my car, sat down and just couldn’t leave. The small tea cup was calling for me.

Hours later I found myself sitting on the floor lighting candles and cup of tea waiting for me.

It has been almost ten years but nothing has changed. I’m still that silly girl who believes in things only to get disappointed. My tea cup is now empty. Or well at least empty of any hot tea. You can see some red tea and brown leaves on the plate next to it. I don’t dare thinking what’s inside my tea cup.

Tea leaves I can’t read.

Just leaves that don’t make any sense for me. No images. No meanings. No future to read.

When I had just bought that small white tea cup that didn’t leave me alone, everything seemed so clear. Almost like it was meant to be. There’s old magic in my blood. This is it. This is the time when I discover the great truth I have been looking for.

No. That didn’t happen.

It’s never so easy.

I drank my tea. Left some of it to the cup. Then shook it three times. Lastly I put the plate above the cup and turned it upside down. I was scared that any tea leaves wouldn’t stick to the mug. But they did. That wasn’t my problem.

There was more than enough tea leaves in the bottom of my cup. Heck, those leaves even made shapes and figures. The problem was me. I couldn’t make up any real words for what I was seeing. That’s not heart. Not triangle. Not anchor. Not any known animal. Not dragon. Nothing. Just shapes that weren’t really shapes.

How do you read tea leaves? How do you do this?

The secret didn’t open up for me today but that’s why I’m trying again tomorrow.

Some things change. I’m not the same small scared girl anymore. Maybe silly, yes. Maybe full of false hope. But above all I have grown up to be too stubborn for my own good. And that’s why I will try tomorrow, day after that and as long as it takes for me to see something on my damn tea cup!